The Honda Civic's comprehensive array of tech features defies its economy car class. On top of a comfortable cabin, plenty cargo space and newer, more edgy exterior styling, the Honda Civic is now also a contender in the tech features category. Here are two features that explain why our Garcia Honda Albuquerque team loves this ride.

Navigation by Satellite

Remember the days of aftermarket GPS navigation units that sat atop the dash? Those days are gone. Built into its very own in-dash infotainment touchscreen is the Honda Civic's dynamic navigation system. Its satellite linked for the most precise GPS and navigation results. Plus, the infotainment touchscreen that displays the navigation system does so with rich, engaging 3-D depictions of maps and elements on the map, such as buildings, terrain and road signs.

Lane Guidance

The Honda Civic's Satellite-Linked Navigation System also boasts lane guidance. This feature shows you exactly what lane you should take to reach your destination easiest and quickest. Thanks to a built-in live search function, you can type in addresses at any time to receive the most up-to-date, efficient travel routes.



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