The Honda Fit gets more high-tech each year, yet it remains accessible, powerful, handsome and efficient. A new assortment of tech features covers everything from smartphone interfacing to dynamic driver assist features. Our Garcia Honda Albuquerque team selected the following two of many Honda Fit technology features that we love.

Keeping Your Back Covered

Backing into and out of tight spaces is a challenging driving skill. The Honda Fit's Multi-Angle Rearview Camera makes the process easier and more precise. The camera provides normal, top-down or wide views, the normal view helping you to move with confidence and ease while in reverse.

Honda LaneWatch

Honda LaneWatch takes the guesswork out of tricky right turns. When you signal right, Honda LaneWatch displays video on the Display Audio touchscreen. The displayed video reveals four times as much as you might see in the passenger side mirror alone, offering wider views for safer, more conscientious right turns.


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