At Garcia Honda Albuquerque, we want you to continue feeling great about your vehicle, long after you've driven it off the lot. That's why we've generated this list of four steps you can take to get your vehicle back to looking like new again, even when you are strapped for time.
  1. Throw It Away- Grab a bag and throw away any loose trash or other items you don't want your passengers seeing or smelling.
  2. Hose It Down- Grab a water hose and give your car a good spritz. Use a microfiber cloth to apply any lubricants you may wish to apply, but if you are running low on time, you can skip this step.
  3. Shake It Out- Grab your floor mats and shake them out so that all of the loose sediments become detached.
  4. Work Out the Details- If you've still got plenty of time, give your windshield a quick spray with glass cleaner, and wipe your console with a little protectant or cleaner if you have any on hand.
Once you're finished your car should look presentable for the next passenger who joins you for a ride. Enjoy!


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