A series of belts and hoses keeps your car cool and running smoothly. Belts & hoses have shelf lives, so it's important to have them checked and replaced as needed. When? Our Garcia Honda Albuquerque service department techs have a few suggestions, but so does your vehicle's manufacturer. Here's the quick rundown.

Factory Recommended Maintenance

Every make/model and even trim level has its own factory recommended maintenance schedule. You can find the schedule in your owner's manual, at your automaker's website, or you can check with a member of our service department team. The schedule contains the intervals at which you should have automotive components checked/replaced for optimal results.

Belts & Hoses 101

Your car contains three main types of belts and hoses. Timing belts keep your engine's parts synchronized. Serpentine belts transfer power from the crankshaft to engine accessories. Finally, cooling belts deliver antifreeze throughout your engine's cooling system.

Schedule maintenance today at our Albuquerque dealership service department to keep your belts and hoses working properly.


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