2020 Honda Accord: The Latest Technology Turns Your Commute into an Experience Instead of a Simple Ride

Technology has turned driving into an experience rather than an activity. In these days, cars are equipped with the latest in modern technology, keeping people safe, connected, and on track to their destinations. Never before has transportation been so dynamic. The 2020 Honda Accord is one of these dynamic cars. It's making waves in Albuquerque with its impressive features.

The connectivity features of the 2020 Honda Accord are very exciting. The car features Apple CarPlay integration and Android Auto integration so you can connect the car with your phone. The information is displayed on an 8-inch, full-color, touchscreen HD display. Now playlists, calendars, contacts, and more are available at the touch of a button.

Come in for a test drive. We can get you rolling here at Garcia Honda Albuquerque.



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