Slide the Seats of the 2020 Honda Odyssey To Access More Seats

The 2020 Honda Odyssey at Garcia Honda Albuquerque is an example of thoughtful design. The vehicle is not only designed to bring comfort to everyone inside the vehicle but is also designed to make access to anywhere in the vehicle as easy as possible. There are features in the Odyssey that make accessing the seat behind you a lot easier.

One thing that the Honda Odyssey makes it easy for you to do is slide the seats so that you can access the seat behind them with the Magic Slide seat feature. These seats are located in the second row so that you can access the third row. They are also in reach of the front row.

You can also make adjustments to the seating configuration. One of the best things about this is that you can actually take up to 8 people along for the ride. This makes the Odyssey an innovative vehicle.


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