What are the Different Styles of Truck Cabs?

Gone are the days when the pickup truck was a working vehicle designed to carry cargo with little concern for the cab occupants. Today, pickups with differently designed cabs are seen throughout Albuquerque.

The regular or standard cab still exists, often with two bucket seats limiting occupancy. The demand for more space for passengers led manufacturers to the super cab with two rows of seats and four doors, the two rear doors being suicide doors that will not open unless the front doors are open. The success of the super cab led to the four-door model crew cab and then to the mega-cab with four large doors for easy access.

Family oriented purchasers drive the sales of the larger cab pickup trucks. To view the amenities that the large cab provides, come to Garcia Honda Albuquerque where we proudly display, service, and maintain vehicles for business and family use.



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