Easy And Effective Ways To Clean Your Tires And Wheels

At Garcia Honda Albuquerque we want our customers to know that we care about their after purchase experience. This is why we are providing tips on how they can easily clean their vehicle's wheels and tires without breaking a sweat or the bank.

When cleaning the wheels, it is important that you select an appropriate type of cleaner for your wheels. A chrome wheel cleaner should only be used to clean chrome wheels because it will damage non-chrome wheels. A brush with feathered bristles should ideally be used to clean wheels because it will prevent scratching. Dirty wheels should be cleaned with a more heavy-duty cleaner to penetrate grease and grime that has accumulated on them.

Tires should be cleaned with a stiffer brush and more vigorously than the wheels. Be sure also to use a cleaner that will not cause the tire to crack and conditioners to leach out. Finally, be sure to rinse the wheels and tires well with water and dry them. You can even apply wax to the wheels afterward if you want.



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