Two of the Most Common Fluid Leaks in Vehicles and How to Detect Them

At Garcia Honda Albuquerque we care about our customers understanding how their cars work to be informed vehicle owners. Knowing what the most common fluid leaks are and how to detect them is essential. Two of the most common leaks that vehicles experience are water and oil.

Water leaks aren't any cause for concern. A vehicle drains water that results from using the air conditioning out through a hose. The hose is in the front right area of the vehicle for most cars. If you have dual climate control, there may be a hose in the front and the back. Oil leaks occur under the engine. Where the engine is located varies among different car models, so check where it is for your specific car. Oil leaks are light amber, dark brown or some shade in between.

Having knowledge of where certain fluids leak from is important for all vehicle owners. It can save you a trip to the auto shop when you know if it's just water, or something that indicates repairs are needed.



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