Wonderful Advances in IIHS Safety Ratings

We here at Garcia Honda Albuquerque are totally stoked about the new IIHS ratings for Lower Anchor and Tethers for Children (LATCH) systems. The ratings can help us and you select vehicles whose LATCH systems are rated for sturdiness and accessibility. Here's the fine print.

Why IIHS LATCH Ratings Are a Wonderful Thing

LATCH systems help you best install a car seat. However, not all LATCH systems are created equal. Some are hard to figure out and use, and a challenging LATCH system often results in incorrect car seat installation and tethering.

Good, Acceptable, Marginal and Poor are the four newly created ratings the IIHS assigns to LATCH systems that conform to IIHS criteria. The criteria arm you with information to better evaluate LATCH systems in cars you’re considering for purchase.

The Possible Future of IIHS LATCH System Ratings

IIHS criteria and ratings for LATCH systems incentivize manufacturers to create LATCH systems with more standard designs. Standardization, or something near to it, helps you utilize LATCH systems more easily and effectively, regardless of the vehicle you purchase. It also makes it more feasible to correctly install your car seat and ensure optimal on-road safety, whether you're cruising across country or just through Albuquerque.



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