Designed to dampen forces, a car's suspension system is exposed to minor and major beatings from the road. Sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks are usually supported by heavy-duty struts and shock absorbers that are engineered to survive mechanical torture. After all, these types of vehicles are tuned to take on rugged landscapes and inclement weather. Frequent off-road driving reduces the lifespan of critical components in the suspension system. Dirt and grime from the ground accumulate on the surfaces and interior chambers of select accessories. For example, some debris might get inside the oil and gas reservoirs in the shock absorbers. Such accumulation can hinder the smooth hydraulic flow of fluids in the shock components.

The odometer shouldn't be the only indicator for changing or fixing the suspension system of a car. You should consider the types of terrains that you routinely navigate. Is your vehicle due for a suspension adjustment or replacement? Visit Garcia Honda Albuquerque today.



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