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Towing vs. Payload Explained

The maximum amount of weight a vehicle capably tows varies for different SUVs and trucks. Tow rating depends on what you to in addition to the individual engine, suspension, transmission and rear wheel packages. The vehicle must be properly equipped in order to meet the requirements for the specified maximum towing capacity.

Payload refers to the cargo inside of the vehicle or truck bed. A vehicle's payload rating is commonly lower than its tow rating. As unlike towing, payloads are supported by the weight of the vehicle and not the trailer. The gross vehicle weight rating often describes the weight of the vehicle plus the payload. If a vehicle weighs 5,000 pounds and has a GVWR rating of 8,000 pounds, the payload should not exceed 3,000 pounds. Any questions or concerns that vehicle owners might have concerning the towing or payload capabilities of their vehicle should see us at Garcia Honda Albuquerque.



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