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Using Temporary and Full-Sized Spares

Today, nearly every automobile comes with a spare tire. Some have full-sized spares while others offer a space-saving compact tire or “donut’’. For safety, drivers should know the difference. The full-sized spare operates like a regular tire and drivers can use normal speeds. Compact tires are smaller than regular tires with reduced handling, mileage, and steering.

Albuquerque-area drivers know that "donuts" are small and do not feel like regular tires. The "donut" has limits on safe speed and the overall driving distance. Drivers must read the tire information on speed and distance limits. Manufacturer’s design compact tires to get the vehicle to a repair facility.

At Garcia Honda Albuquerque, we want everyone to be safe on the roadways. Please see us when you need to repair or replace a tire. We can provide tires that meet your manufacturer's recommendations. Please call or drop by our location today.



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