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Lomas & Wyoming

Money-Savings Tips for Taking a Roadtrip on a Budget

Not every trip has to be expensive this year! The following tips are going to allow you to keep cash in your pocket and still have a terrific time this summer.

Plan your trip in advance so you aren't getting lost along the way. Every mile you waste lost on the roads, you're paying for fuel. Lock in the shortest way to your destination and keep plenty of maps handy so you get to your destination in less time.

Pack a roadside emergency kit so you are not spending money on repairs that could be avoided. If you have a bag in the car with a gas can, jumper cables, tools, fix-a-flat, and duct tape, you can get the car moving to a service station and avoid towing fees. Be sure to get the car to Garcia Honda Albuquerque for a checkup so you don't have a costly repair while stuck on the side of the road.



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