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How to Choose an Oil for All Seasons

Multi-grade oil is the standard type of engine lubricant for the modern automotive industry. Multi-grade oils have the familiar rating style of numbers and letters such as SAE 5W -20. The viscosity rating tells the auto owner the important information needed to protect the engine from excessive wear and damage. The 5W is the cold weather rating, and the 20 is the operating temperature rating.

Albuquerque auto owners understand the need to keep the minimum level of oil at all times and to get frequent oil changes. They can meet or exceed the manufacturers recommended level of protection, but there are some modifications to the climate that can help. In very cold areas, drivers can use zero (0W) rated oil to provide the best oil flow in frigid weather; the zero-rated oils can flow in temperatures as low as minus 40.

At Garcia Honda, we will assist you in getting the right oil for your vehicle and the best rating for the weather and your type of driving. Don’t settle for less than the expert knowledge from the staff members in our service center!

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