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Driving with Food for the Holidays to Entertain

You have entertained guests in your home a thousand times. However, this year you are taking your food skills on the road, and driving with food for the holidays to entertain. You can manage the dishes that have enamored you with friends and family.

However, you are no car expert. Fortunately, Garcia Honda Albuquerque is, and has the staff on duty to make certain your car operates the way it should. Headlight adjustments for better visibility, tire pressure checks, and oil changes are a little out of your realm, but in Garcia Honda Albuquerque has you covered. Their professionalism assures you will be able to pack your car with food for everyone can enjoy once you arrive. Travel with foods you are famous for and pack them with no difficulty.
  • Wrap a variety of foods in newspaper /paper bags
  • Travel with plenty of time
  • Use apps to help the trip go smoother/ gas mileage/directions/weather
  • Kid’s games
Eat heartily and enjoy your trip.
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