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When Should Your Car Tires be Inspected?

Knowing the right time to get your car tires inspected can make all the difference in being able to drive safely down the roads. Worn tires could result in you experience a number of issues on the highway that put you and other drivers at risk.

Without having to take the tires off the car, simply take a closer look at them and you will see that any worn spots could be serious trouble. These spots reduce the vehicles ability to grip the road in bad weather.

Cracks and bulges in the tires are signs of serious trouble, which can be a defective tire or perhaps you ran something over that you were not aware of.

When you notice that something is embedded in the tire, never try to remove it yourself, let our service center inspect the tires first.

Come by Garcia Honda Albuquerque so that we can inspect those tires and tell you if they need to be replaced.

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