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Importance of keeping your windshield wiper fluid reservoir full

Even if you live in big clean cities where mud and bird droppings are rare, make it a habit to keep your wiper fluid reservoir full. Garcia Honda Albuquerque gives you the main reasons why the tank should be full at all times.
• The wiper fluid is not just a cleaning agent; it is also a lubricant for other parts that are involved in cleaning your windshield. If you leave the tank empty, these parts will start losing their strength and performance integrity.
• Initializing the windshield wipers when the tank is empty can damage the pump by causing unnecessary stress. The pump will wear sooner than expected.
• The damage caused by empty tank will result in cracks in the pipes, and thus the fluid will start leaking causing more damage to your vehicle. You will, therefore, incur extra maintenance cost.

As you drive along the streets, Garcia Honda Albuquerque ensures that your reservoir is full and you have peace of mind.
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