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You Can Go Longer Without Changing Engine Oil Than You Think

There was a time when a 3,000-mile oil change made good sense. Move forward in time and consider that manufacturers build better engines, that engine oil now has enhanced chemical properties, and you can figure that vehicles can go up to 7,500 miles on average without an oil change. Over a period, that saves consumers both time and money. It also saves on expensive engine repairs for not having changed the oil when needed.

Driving short distances each day can cause wear and tear on an engine. When engine oil hasn’t warmed up sufficiently, it lacks the power to absorb contaminants that originated from internal combustion. The engine works best when fully warmed up. Short drives to school, the gym, or shopping are actually considered severe driving conditions.

If you’re not sure when your next oil change is due, bring your vehicle in to Garcia Honda Albuquerque and let our technicians recommend an oil change or other vehicle maintenance.
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