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Honda Motor Company Committed to Alternative Energy

Reformation of old ideas is necessary in order to promote positive progress in any industry. That is why automakers like Honda continue to modernize their approach to engineering. An excellent example is its commitment to creating a more sustainable driving experience by developing a lineup of vehicles that operate on alternative sources of power. In this way, the company is truly an automotive pioneer.

Fuel cell, battery electric, and hybrid models are some of the latest innovations from Honda. These cars utilize technologies that reduce dependency on gasoline—partly or entirely. For instance, you are likely familiar with hybrid vehicles which are increasing in popularity in the current market. Using energy supplied by both a combustion engine and electric motor, hybrid cars rely less on limited resources to provide exceptional mobility. Another trending option is the battery electric car that not only offers recharging capabilities. Thanks to its independence from gas, it emits zero emissions as well. Last but not least is the newest eco-conscious option, the fuel-cell car. Powered by hydrogen, the byproduct is only water and heat.

These three options, all of which are available in the new Honda model collection, give drivers like you who long for a more environmentally-friendly ride more choices. This is one reason that Garcia Honda Albuquerque takes pride in our affiliation with this forward-thinking brand.

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